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MyRxPal's Platform gives your pharmacy the edge and power you need to deliver the best pharmacy experience for your customers.


Let customers easily find you

Receive refill, transfer and appointment requests


Advertise products or services with ease

Drive traffic to your business and increase sales


Maintain perpetual inventory

Generate custom reports


Our Pharmacy Search Engine, gives customers more ways to connect and transact with your business. You can share photos, business hours and list the wide variety of services your pharmacy provides (from disease state management to holistic remedies).
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Do even more!
Claim your pharmacy and reach new customers. Give your customers a simple, secure and easy option to send requests for Prescription Refills, Transfers, and even Book Appointments, all with little efforts.

  • Manage customer requests with ease.
  • HIPAA compliant chat with seamless communication.


Research shows more consumers that do not have insurance, are underinsured, or with ridiculously high deductibles are searching drug prices online before they make a purchase
The playing field! Compete with unfair pricing portals and PBM sponsored drug discount cards on your turf with MyRxPal's RxPon™ Prescription Drug Voucher Platform. With this program, you control and choose the medications that you want to promote. You can simply publish your retail, U&C price or step it up a notch by offering exclusive discount pricing through our RxPon™ Vouchers for customers to lock in and redeem at your pharmacy. This premier and innovative application provides you and the customer a seamless transaction

  • Offer discounted prescription drug pricing
  • Create your own online product catalog


Say Goodbye to Paper Log Books. Manage pharmacy inventory here. When your team needs to track inventory, maintain compliance, delegate tasks, audit on the fly and a lot more: MyRxPal Business has you covered.

Work Smart:

  • Create your own custom drug catalog
  • Enter inventory transactions

Save Time:

  • Generate reports
  • Audit inventory

Structure Your Way:

  • Manage Users
  • No Software to install

No Strings Attached with our Easy to Use Logbook

Features That Allow Your Business to Compete!

Register with MyRxPal Business and see the difference!

No Software to Install

Forget costly integrations or time consuming updates. Access the platform online from anywhere in USA, 24/7.

Order Management

Notify your customers of order status when you receive refill, transfer and marketplace orders.

Custom Drug Pricing

Say NO to one way discount cards. You control the pricing on what you want to promote. Publish retail prices or offer discounted RxPon™ vouchers

Custom Product Catalog

We've made it easy for you to sell online, just find the product and fill in the details.

Inventory Management

Track, audit and comply with any perpetual inventory requirements. Know how much product on hand anytime.

HIPAA Compliant *

Engage with customers securely. We utilize industry leading encryption standards and practices to protect privacy.

* Rx Engagement application tools only

Flexible Plans & Simple Pricing

Increase sales and productivity. Choose a plan that best fits your business.

Free *

Get introduced to MyRxPal Business for an unlimited period of time
$ 0 /mo

  • Access to our exclusive RxPon™ Presciption Drug Voucher Platform
  • Publish retail drug prices
  • Offer unlimited RxPon™ prescription drug vouchers on MyRxPal
  • Public profile to display your business details and services
  • MyRxPal social media kit
  • Limited support
  • * Credit card required to open account. You are only charged when an RxPon is downloaded or redeemed.
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Everything you need for a growing business
$ 9.97 /mo
Limited Time Offer
All the benefits of Free, and:
  • Access customer requests with our Rx Engagement portal
  • Receive up to 100 composite requests per month for refills and transfers medications.
  • Offer unlimited items in our online marketplace (beta)
  • Display badges in profile for service offerings
  • 5 Boost credits for featured savings certificate listings
  • Ability to add staff users for additional fee per user
  • Priority support
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Advanced features for scaling your business
$ 14.97 /mo

Limited Time Offer
All the benefits of Standard, and:
  • Access to our appointment manager to setup service offerings and availability for customers to book
  • Receive up to 300 composite requests per month for appointments, refills and transfers medications.
  • Access to our Perpetual Inventory System
  • Track and manage unlimited inventory products
  • Multi-store access from single account admin
  • 12 Boost credits for feature savings certificate listings
  • Includes 2 staff user accounts for total 3 users
  • Special invite of latest features before platform release
  • Discounted transaction fees
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Plan Comparision

Free Standard Plus
Public profile
Includes images, business hours and services.
MyRxPal member badge
Service badges
Social media kit
Includes MyRxPal seal and template.
Staff accounts
Staff members with access to MyRxPal platform
0 $4/mo additional per staff user 2 staff accounts included.
$4/mo per staff user above allotment
Multi-store access
Single access to multiple stores
Advanced report builder
No Software to install
Support Limited Priority Priority
Medication savings program
Create your own drug list and custom pricing.
Unlimited products
Sell savings certificates based on the product list.
Boost credits
Select products to be featured at top of search results.
$5 credit/mo.
Additional charge for over limit @ $0.50 per boost.
$12 credit/mo.
Additional charge for over limit @ $0.50 per boost.
Transaction fees
$1 for each RxPon downloaded
or 6% for each RxPon redeemed.
$1 for each RxPon downloaded
or 6% for each RxPon redeemed.
$1 for each RxPon downloaded
or 6% for each RxPon redeemed.
Volume discount available
Receive requests
Refill, transfer and appointment requests from customers.
Composite includes refill, transfer and appointment requests.
100/mo composite requests.
Additional charge for over limit @ $0.06 per boost.
300/mo composite requests.
Additional charge for over limit @ $0.06 per boost.
Appointment scheduler
Set your schedule, service type and availability to display to customers and more.
Access to perpetual inventory system
Record inventory in, out and audit transactions.
Track unlimited products
Vendor management
Create audit and inventory alerts
Data encryption
At rest and in transit
Two-factor authentication
Export of Data
BAA for HIPAA compliance
Applies to Rx Engagement module only
Account deletion
Data is deleted after 6 months of cancellation or after 12 months on inactivity.
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Get more control of your Pharmacy Business

Start working with MyRxPal Business that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic and connect.

  • Receive refill, transfer and appointment requests
  • Publish your own pricing for prescription drugs
  • Create your own product catalog
  • Update vendors on the fly
  • Manage inventory from anywhere
  • Set audit alerts on your terms
  • Promote deals to reach new customers
  • Know your inventory quickly
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Let customers find you
  • No Software to install or interface
  • Get business ratings and reviews
  • View and customize reports

Product Catalog

Audit Alerts

Track Inventory

Manage Users

Start growing with MyRxPal Business today.

With tools to provide your pharmacy with everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic and connect.